The Quote Jar: One

Following each Q&A session I post a separate entry including quotes from various sites and publications from the web. Clicking each of the links will open a new window containing the full article (if publicly accessible).

The names below were mentioned by Clarke Robinson and Andrew Angell in their Q&As.



“I try to justify what we do with our lives, and that question becomes more difficult to answer.” – Dave Matthews (2012)

“The first couple of rehearsals sounded like absolute crap! But after a while we started to develop our chemistry” – Carter Beauford


“It’s still hard to believe that we played with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. What a humble guy. The performer of all performers. The hardest working man in show business. Funky as can be.” – Boyd Tinsley (2013)


“For the longest time, we were just going — recording records, touring — you don’t really stop to think, to reflect or think about where you’ve been.” – Dean Roland (2012)


“I’m sort of a chord person. I’m happy if the song has a cool key change or some interesting chords that you might not expect. And of course, it should have a good melody to match.” – Paul Gilbert (2011)


“At seventy-four years old, I’m starting to cut down a bit but I’ll never stop as long as God lets me play.” – B.B. King (2000)


“As a musician, I love jamming.” – Zakk Wylde (2014)


“My friend played so my parents signed me up for lessons.” – Audley Freed



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