The Quote Jar: Four

Following each Q&A session I post a separate entry including quotes from various sites and publications from the web. Clicking each of the links will open a new window containing the full article or video (if publicly accessible).

The names below were mentioned by Jim Bryan during his Q&A.

I’ll be playing a song every night live and I’ll think it means whatever I think it means to me and then Pat will tell me what it’s about and I’ll be like, “Really? You just ruined it for me!” – Jimmy Stafford, Train (Marie Claire)


“I hate to use a corny analogy, but [with] a sports team, people always credit their coaches because their coaches push them to be the best players they can be. It’s the same thing with music.” – Chad Gilbert, New Found Glory (Alternative Press)


“I wanted to find a way to put that out there in plain man’s language to let people know that there is hope out there.” – John Taylor, Duran Duran (Guitar World)


“We use DR strings. 40/60/80/100 in gauges. Avalon preamps. I have a switching unit that switches between basses, made by a British electrical engineer called Pete Cornish.” – Danny Quatrochi (Singing Bassist)



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