The Quote Jar: Eleven

Following each Q&A session I post a separate entry including quotes from various sites and publications from the web. Clicking each of the links will open a new window containing the full article or video (if publicly accessible).

The names below were mentioned by Aaron during his Q&A.

“I’m trying to remember if there is anyone else besides Bob Dylan who could have influenced me [to start writing songs like “The Sound of Silence”], but I really can’t imagine that there was.” – Paul Simon (American Songwriter)

“What I’ve found appealing is the fact that Hip Hop can take from any other genre of music, recreate it, reform it, rearrange it and put poetry over the top of it.” – Grandmaster Flash

“…ever since I was tiny I’ve lived around a lot of people, so that’s the way the music gets made too.” – Neneh Cherry (The Guardian)


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