About the Q&A sessions

After asking a new connection to tell me about what project they are excited about, this person made a comment: ‘If you are really curious…’

So I said: ‘Yes I am really curious!’


It is that intense curiosity (and drive for exploration) is what has propelled me to start the WNE Q&A sessions. And during the process of thinking up of a name, I thought the lines of that word again (curiosity) — and came up with the phrase: ‘Wonder Not Envy’.


The way these Q&A sessions are different from what you’ve come across from before — is that they are really long (recent Q&As go up to about 50 questions). Which points to the kind of people who make it to the ‘published stage’: patient, respectful, and open to dialogue.


The other difference is, you won’t find this question: ‘What’s your day job?’ Because the focus is on their artistic work. So, I definitely welcome those who have yet to find a place to share about their work — and not worry about having to divulge if they are a CEO, Lawyer, Accountant, Public Servant.


Oh, I hear you! More about me first…before you’d be open to hear more? Okay, Here you go. 🙂


Remember the last time you unexpectedly discovered something?

Maybe found one of your beloved books while browsing in a bookstore or how you just had a hunch and turned randomly (in daylight and at a busy street of course!) to another street then found the most amazing bakery?

This is close to what I’ve been experiencing during the process of crafting each of these Q&As. I’ve listened to Olafur Arnalds for the first time, found out about Audiobox, learned how good a Pod can be…



So let me…let you off to your journey — and may you find as many moments as well! (Don’t forget to tell me about them too!)



Still want to stay on this page and keep reading?






…still want to know more huh?


I can keep going. 🙂


Oh, you’re looking if I can assist with a different approach? Tired of answering the same questions? Instead of a FAQ, we can work together to craft a Q&A involving the most engaged (your top 1%) of your followers. Drop Me a line and we can start a conversation and find out if we are a fit.

I’d like to differentiate these conversations (to other Q&As) by crafting something that will serve to work well with the information already available publicly.

The other thing that sets the WNE Q&A series apart is the interviewee is quite involved in the process (including approving their Q&A before it is published).


Ready to start reading the Q&A’s? You can start with Clarke.


Oh…would you have preferred to get notifications via email? Cool. 🙂 Here you go.


** For feedback and comments that you wouldn’t mind displayed publicly, please use the ‘leave a comment link’ below.


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