What’s in it for me?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂


If you are An Artist (musician, singer, sculptor, painter, writer)…

  • Get a bit of a jolt (or a kick in the pants — if needed!) and get a move on and continue your own journey.
  • A different perspective (you may think that you don’t need another person to challenge you…)
  • Find your focus (maybe you should be spending 4 months on experimenting with different melodies, rather than spending those four months fiddling with 10 different things)


If you are An Explorer (and you can’t wait to share your new discoveries)…

  • Read an in-depth point of view alongside samples of the Artists’ work (I am to have at least one link accessible to the public, then you can decide if they are the sort of person you resonate with).
  • and you are tired of coming across something really beautiful, then discovering that the person behind the work has a tendency to act like a jerk, then no matter how beautiful you thought their work was —- it just wasn’t appealing anymore now that you know the kind of choices the person made.


If you are An Entrepreneur

  • Find out how the end user latches on to a product
  • Discover how you can build your brand


Bottom line? I’d like to connect you to your people (though if you prefer the term ‘tribe’ — I’m cool with that too!).

Tell me about your current projects (you can even pitch me your products and services), and if we hit it off (and I expect we will!) — I’ll keep you in mind for a recommendation.



* And yes, I too will stay away from a piece of work, if I find out that it came from someone who is closed off to personal growth (or worse, exhibit the ‘jerk’ factor: think that they).


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