Looking forward to hear from You

I recently came across Greg Hartle’s bio, and thought it was really neat. Particularly this bit:

So, it’s been my experience that, out in the world, the first question we all ask each other is, “What do you do for a living?”

I don’t really get that. It seems to me that it’s a million other factors that make someone interesting and compelling. It’s the last thing I want to know about you. Instead, I want to know what you think is funny, what you are reading, what you thought of the game, what you did this weekend, what lights you up, what type of world you want to live in, and whether or not you are doing anything about it.

Like I mentioned in this page — yes, I am really interested in knowing about all that stuff. 😀 If you want to know about ‘my side‘ — you can check this out.

It’ll give me great joy to brainstorm ways on how I help you with your journey. 🙂 (it’s that ‘exploration gene’ again).

Whether it may be that song that you were absolutely wowed by, a sandwich you can make based on what you have left in your fridge and pantry, or the idea that would move your next project forward.

I would like to help get you closer to what you are looking for, cheer alongside you along the way, and then send you virtual high-fives (just in case we are unable to celebrate in person) once you get there. That is, if you don’t mind the company. 😀

What are you looking for? Drop me a line (Use the first form)!

* Though, if you already found what you were looking for after reading one of the Q&A’s, let me know too. (I couldn’t say ‘no’ to hearing that!)

** Unsure about how to start our conversation? You can check out the Q&As, My Personal Blog, Videos, Tweets, or Photos. Send me a link of the one that you liked (or resonated with) the most — and I’ll be more than happy to take it from there.

Side Note: A huge thanks to those who are following the WNE Q&A series (including the 50 people on WordPress)!


** For feedback and comments that you wouldn’t mind displayed publicly, please use the ‘leave a comment link’ below.


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