Which Q&A?

Not sure which Q&A you should start with? Here are some snippets from each:



“I thought I’d never read ebooks. I was wrong. But nothing can replace the feel of a physical book in your hand.” – Josh Olds, Avid Reader (Q&A #18)


“…it’s always better to try than sit on your ass and not do anything.” – Michal Wilczek, Photographer (Q&A #17)


“The hardest thing about learning is accepting that you’re going to end up with something that you’re not happy with.” – Emily Page, Painter (Q&A #16)


“…you should try to imagine the final photograph…” – Anton Zabermach, Photographer (Q&A #15)


“I certainly enjoy learning about all kinds of new things, but I find that when I look into one thing, I then follow down that path and have too many things all at once.” – Dean Diamond, Drum Builder (Q&A #14)


“I’m a control freak who’s very protective of his brand.” – Gerry Hayes, Luthier (Q&A #13)


“Medium is pretty cool from a blogging perspective.” – Aaron Strout, Music Fan (Q&A #12)


“I geek out about bird watching and philosophy/logic. That’s pretty bad.” – Andrew Simple, Songwriter (Q&A #11)


“I have such a great time coming up with ideas and figuring out how to bring them into fruition. Deciding if they should be a story or a drawing; an animation or an advert…” – Sarah Goodreau, Illustrator (Q&A #10)


“Even though I love my quiet time, it would be very pleasant to have a conversation in line at Starbucks rather than just look at a bunch of people texting.” – JR Smith, Photographer (Q&A #9)


“I find it a bit laughable when drummers are so particular about their set-up, I spent so many years playing other peoples kits on stages, and sometimes i barely got a chance to adjust anything, there was no time.” – Dean Wuksta, Drummer (Q&A #8)


“My challenges have not required superhuman strength, but have required a strong and positive mental attitude.” – Charlie Martell, Adventurer (Q&A #7)


“My parents have always insisted on me taking my shoes off when I walk through the door. This meant I always was shoeless when I was rehearsing and it’s a habit that’s stuck.” – Brinley Hall, Drummer (Q&A #6)

“I eventually got into music theory and scales but I still have much to learn in that regard. Practice, practice, practice!” – Jim Bryan, Bassist (Q&A #5)


“I remember when my sis first asked [me] if I had a Facebook account and my response was ‘What the hell is Facebook?’ ” – Scott Brahniuk, Pianist & Composer (Q&A #4)


“I like to keep it very simple, even minimalistic. To me, most of the music happens between two notes.” – Liina Vokk, Guitarist & Composer (Q&A #3)


“…these days it’s pretty simple to setup a WordPress site and find a nice theme that makes that pretty easy for you.” – Andrew Angell, Guitarist & Songwriter (Q&A #2)


“I’m quite lazy about cleaning. Some of that dirt might be adding something to my tone (ha!).” – Clarke Robinson (Q&A #1)


* Another method in deciding is to keep watching each of the videos for one minute, then once you find the one that you want to watch the whole way though…there you go! 😀


Do you have ones that you would like to have added?


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