The Quote Jar: Twenty Two

Following each Q&A session I post a separate entry including quotes from various sites and publications from the web. Clicking each of the links will open a new window containing the full article or video (if publicly accessible).

The names below were mentioned by Andrew during his Q&A.



“With the time I spent writing all of that text I didn’t use, I could have been contributing to the overall quality of the adventure by developing more back-story for the campaign, deeper personalities for the NPCs, more complex puzzles, or I could have just taken a much-needed nap.” – Meagan Lemons



“For me, the real fun of the thing was suddenly here is a story where I’ll go, ‘I need a character.  I just need somebody on this page doing this thing.’ And I’ll make somebody up. And then as the story goes on, that person that I made up became incredibly important.” – Neil Gaiman



“…rather than pick up old plot threads or retread well-worn ground, writers Eastman and Waltz decided to start back at square one, but with an injection of brand new ideas.” – Matt Draper on IDW’s take on TMNT



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